Mountain Rides


New Construction of a 6368 square foot building for overnight bus storage that includes a maintenance bay, associated staff work areas along with public spaces needed for bus passenger terminal. A 988 sf second story office and training area and a bus wash bay were both later added to the original project. We completed the facility in under 8 months, well under the time line suggested by the architect and provided the structure plus all site work, landscaping, curbs, gutters, sidewalk and parking in a turnkey manner. This project was funded in part by the Federal Transit Administration and was compliant with FTA Circular 4220.1F and the latest version of the FTA Master Agreement.

Project Dates: Start 5/2015 – Completion 1/2016


EKC delivered the project ahead of schedule and under budget. We are completely satisifed with the quality of workmanship, the responsiveness if the project superintendent and EKC management throughout the course of construction. EKC streamlined the change order process and accommodated our budget constraints. We would be delighted to work with EKC again.

MOUNTAIN RIDESJason Miller, Executive Director


Client: Mountain Rides Transit Authority – South Valley Transit Facility
Location: 121 Clover Street, Bellevue, ID
Surface Area: 6,368 SF
Completed: 2016
Architect: Keene Shropshire - JHS Architects